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"To build a log cabin that is an actual dog house. That could by itself, be a focal point in any landscape setting."

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( Double notch: A notch is cut one-fourth the way through each log, both on top and bottom. This is one of the strongest notches, takes more fitting time. It doesn't need to be spiked.)

This dog house is built using the Double notch construction method of log building. White cedar logs used on this dog house (log diameter will vary,depending on the size of the dog house) are between 4 to 5.5 inches in diameter are all air-dried so there is no shrinkage. Each log has a Double notch on the top and bottom this ensures a solid and tight fit. The logs are then spiked in place.
The gaps between the log are chinked (filled in) using wood shavings and construction adhesive, solidifying the dog house structure even further, making it air and water tight while retaining its insulation value.

The roof on this dog house is very well insulated.It has .75" ridgid insulating foam,roofing paper,slats and cedar shingles.The inside is finished in quater inch cedar siding

The planks on the floor of this dog house are sawed and planed half-inch slats.Two 6.5" logs are used as the base for this dog house,keeping the floor well of the ground.

Cedar has natural oil that makes it impervious to rot or decay. White cedar grows in a swamp environment, making it very rot resistant when in contact with water.This dog house has been preserved with Thompson® water seal.

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